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What to Pack on Long Private Bus Rides | 3S Transport

What to Pack on Long Private Bus Rides

Singapore may be small, but rides on a private bus in Singapore can still be long and dreary at times. It could be a tour, a field trip, or an activity spanning hours. While getting the right bus, planning the perfect itinerary, and having your documents in order are all essential to a smooth journey, these things are sometimes beyond your control. However, there are many ways to adapt your journey, and having these items on board with you can help you pass time on a coach bus in Singapore more easily.

Healthy Snacks

Private bus Singapore Healthy Snacks

It’s not uncommon for many of us to start feeling peckish when we’re on a long journey on a coach bus in Singapore with nothing to do. Instead of loading up on unhealthy food along the way, try packing light and healthy snacks to tide you over instead. These snacks fill your stomach without making you feel sluggish or heavy, allowing you to stay fresh and alert so you can enjoy your destination to the fullest.

Entertainment on the Road

Private bus Singapore Entertainment on the Road

Typically, a coach bus in Singapore would come with a DVD player so passengers can watch movies on, it’s 2022 and there are many more ways that you can entertain yourself as well. The most notable form of entertainment are our smartphones for obvious reasons. However, you can also consider bringing along a book (unless you suffer from motion sickness), earphones to listen to music with, or even a friend that you can have good conversations with.

Portable Charger

Private bus Singapore Portable Charger

If our phones are our go-to source of entertainment, then keeping it powered should be a priority on our trips on board a private bus in Singapore. As most coaches don’t offer power sockets (unless you get a super luxurious and expensive bus booking in Singapore), it’s important to bring your own so you can stay connected throughout the journey. Pro tip — ensure that your portable charger is fully charged as well before you head out. There’s nothing worse than the false hope of assuming that your phone will be charged, only to discover later that it actually hasn’t been charged at all.

Refillable Water Bottle

Private bus Singapore Refillable Water Bottle

Bringing a refillable water bottle along is absolutely essential if you’re planning to take an overnight bus ride across the Causeway or somewhere equally far. During these journeys, your coach bus in Singapore will make stops at rest areas where you can refill your bottle at water coolers and such. It saves you money from having to buy a brand new bottle of water every time, and it’s also healthier than soft drinks, and more environmentally friendly than buying bottle after bottle.

Travel Pillows

Private bus Singapore Travel Pillows

Another essential item for long or overnight bus journeys, travel pillows do wonders in helping you sleep more comfortably against an otherwise hard headrest that would probably keep you up all night. The most common and popular form of travel pillow is a neck pillow that allows you to rest even on the side. While a decent private bus in Singapore would generally have more comfortable headrests, it never hurts to bring a little extra layer of comfort with you.

No matter where you’re headed, travel in comfort with 3S Transport’s bus booking in Singapore. For more information about our services, please visit our website.