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Corporate Bus Service

More and more companies in Singapore are providing corporate bus transport service for their employees. The charter buses will transport the employees to their office or workplace from their home and vice versa. The choice of corporate bus transport is becoming a preferred mode of transport by many organisations, mainly influenced by the benefits listed below.


Better Productivity
A company bus transport will ensure the employees reach their office on time without having to use public transport which is sometimes overcrowded and unreliable. With less to worry on commuting to office brought by a reliable corporate bus service, they are able to focus more on their work responsibilities leading to higher productivity and boosting workforce morale.


Cost Effective
Corporate bus service providers allow customisation of the size of bus which your organisation require. There is the flexibility of increasing or decreasing the size of the company bus transport according to your employees headcount. This will mitigate your business’s cost and risk overheads and simultaneously increase cost effectiveness.


Hassle-fee journey and Accountability
In a corporate bus service, a dedicated driver will be responsible for your transportation. Since the company bus transport will be there by the stipulated time, there is no wasting of time waiting for a bus to show up. The bus does not need to make stops causing unnecessary delays commuting from point to point. If you accidentally misplaced your belongings on the bus, our drivers are able to retrieve them within a short time frame.


There is luxury associated with door to door service from a reputable bus company in Singapore. Travelling on a corporate bus will be more comfortable as you do not have to share with the general public and there is more space for you to take advantage of. Standing is not allowed in private bus, therefore every passenger is comfortably seated. Seats are also often made of leather and are more comfortable than public transport.


Enhance Company Image
Engaging a bus transport provider enables you to have professionally-trained drivers who can enhance your company’s image and credibility, especially on public events and special occasions. When required, corporate transport provider can also provide comfortable luxury vehicles for your VIP guests. For some companies, providing corporate transport is essential, especially in boosting workforce morale and developing corporate culture and reputation.


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