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Private Bus Service

Private transportation services offer an alternative to people who do not want to use public transit. In Singapore, private transport services such as a private bus, have become increasingly important with the growing population and will play an even bigger role in the future. These services include options like private bus charter, mini buses and luxury coach buses. The option for a private hire bus that works best for you will depend mainly on the size of the group you are traveling with. Private bus services go a long way towards complementing the public transportation system with much emphasis on improving customer experience and building a stronger customer focused workforce culture.

Private transport has the following advantages over using public trains, buses and private cars. 


Better for Groups
Renting a private bus in Singapore offers a more convenient way for groups who wish to travel together and also a more reliable way to get around, especially travelling with luggage.
You have complete control over who you travel with since the vehicle is allocated specifically for your group. Overcrowding will not be an issue.


Security and Accountability
Traveling by private bus offers a safer and more secure way to travel. Travelling at night will generally be safer with a private hire bus than public transport as it is destination-bound.
If you accidentally misplaced your belongings on the bus, our drivers should be able to retrieve them within a short time frame.


Less waiting time and less delays
A dedicated driver is responsible for your transportation. Since the private bus will be there before the bus booking time, there is no wasting of time waiting for a bus to show up.
The bus charter does not need to make stops causing unnecessary delays to your itinerary or commuting from point to point.


There is the luxury associated with door to door service. Travelling on a private transport such as a coach bus will be more comfortable as you do not have to share with the general public and there is more space for you to take advantage of.
Seats are also often made of leather and are more comfortable than public transport.


Reduce Carbon footprint
Since a lot of people can ride the same private bus, the carbon emissions per head are largely reduced as compared to every individual driving their own car.


Higher Flexibility and Great for remote areas
Private transport is able to bring passengers to remote areas which is not achievable by public transport. On top of that, you are assured that the journey will be safe and the private bus will also be waiting there to send passengers back. 


Our drivers are thoroughly professional and equipped with the knowledge and experience to operate the vehicle. They are totally committed to driving you to where you want to go, ensuring your ride is a smooth, safe and enjoyable one.


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