5 Fun Things to Do on a Shuttle Bus Ride Instead of Screen Time | 3S Transport
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5 Fun Things to Do on a Shuttle Bus Ride Instead of Screen Time | 3S Transport

5 Fun Things to Do on a Shuttle Bus Ride Instead of Screen Time

We’ve all been there before — shuttle bus rides, be it in Singapore or abroad, can turn dull really quickly if there’s nothing to do during the commute. While we mostly tend to use our phones, we may sometimes forget to charge our devices, or it could simply be that we’re looking for alternatives away from the screen. Moreover, when it comes to commuting in Singapore, looking out at the same old scenery that you’ve been looking at your entire life isn’t exactly a fun way to spend your journey either. Should you ever find yourself stuck in a shuttle bus in Singapore, here are 5 ideas to pass your time during your ride.

Road Trip Bingo

Private transport service Singapore Road Trip Bingo

Road trip bingo is the perfect activity to remind you that no matter how familiar you think you are with the city you’re travelling through, there’s always a hidden tidbit here and there that you have yet to discover. For instance, if your shuttle bus in Singapore is taking you through traditional and historically rich areas like Chinatown or Little India, you can use that opportunity to come up with a list of landmarks that you think you might be able to spot along the way; and the first person who spots them all wins. This can be prepared in advance or done spontaneously, and the bingo items don’t need to be restricted to landmarks either; it could range from cars with a specific colour, or even a tree branch. Want to incentivise the activity? Including prizes will help increase the participation rate and make things more enjoyable.

Take a Nap

Private transport service Singapore Take a Nap

This might not be enjoyable in a traditional sense, but it certainly is welcomed by many of us dealing with the frenetic pace of life in Singapore, where rest is often a luxury. If your commute to and from work requires a shuttle bus in Singapore, or if you’re just spent after a long day, your journey provides a great opportunity to take a nap and recharge your batteries, even if it’s just a 15-minute power nap. One of the advantages of engaging in our private transport service in Singapore is that our fleet of buses and minivans are comfortable and spacious, offering you with the ideal conditions to rest.



Crocheting has grown in popularity recently, with more people taking it up as a hobby due to its therapeutic nature. Additionally, it’s usually difficult to find time within your busy schedules to keep up with existing crocheting projects. Instead, take advantage of the time you have on a shuttle bus in Singapore to unwind with crocheting, or any other hobby that you enjoy doing. It’s a great way to take your mind away from the stresses of everyday life.

Read a Book

Private transport service Singapore Read a Book

Reading is one of the best ways to spend your time on a shuttle bus in Singapore or any other form of commute for that matter. It’s well-known that reading is highly beneficial both in terms of expanding our knowledge and improving our language and writing skills. There’s also nothing quite like the sensation of sitting next to a window and being engrossed in your favourite book. The only downside to this is that some people tend to develop motion sickness when they read on a moving vehicle. Fortunately, here at 3S Transport’s bus company in Singapore, our fleet of sturdy buses and team of skilled and careful drivers will give you a smooth and safe journey on your travels.


Private transport service Singapore Write

Just like how reading could be a stimulating experience for the mind when you’re travelling, writing too, could be a cathartic activity as you go along your journey. It’s refreshing to write about the things you see along the way; and the feeling of being carried along by a shuttle bus in Singapore lets you reflect and look back on things, and take stock of your life thus far. Use the time to journal, a way to flush out your thoughts and emotions in order to clear your mind and the way before you.

Above all, an enjoyable journey needs to be comfortable and relaxing. With 3S Transport’s private transport service in Singapore, you can now travel around Singapore with a peace of mind. For more information about our shuttle bus services, please visit our website.