Company Bus | Why Employees Should Use Private Buses
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Company Bus | Why Employees Should Use Private Buses

Why You Should Hire A Private Bus Service For Your Employees

With the uncertainties caused by COVID-19, aspects of our day-to-day lives have changed, even those that had been ingrained in our routines previously. Among the changes we've been affected by the most is the shifting nature of work. It has been a challenge for many companies to find new ways to adapt to an ever-changing environment, particularly as they strive to prioritise their employees in this new paradigm.

The transportation issue has been one of the most pressing issues for both workers and employers. Even though offices and businesses are beginning to reopen, not everyone is comfortable continuing their usual commutes. The corporate bus service may provide a safer alternative to transit for your staff during a pandemic. Here are some reasons why implementing a shuttle bus service for employees would be a great idea for your company.

1. Organising a company bus transportation encourages punctuality.

When you offer your employees a shuttle bus service, you are likely to see an improvement in punctuality. Using a shuttle service has the advantage of dropping off employees at the same time every day, well before work starts, so there won't be any risk of arriving late. When employees must start their day at a certain time and complete a full shift, punctuality is paramount to the success of your business.

2. Corporate bus services enhance employee productivity and well-being.

Our shuttle bus services pick up and drop off employees at convenient locations such as MRT stations and bus stops. A company bus service like this reduces employee travel stress considerably. In addition to saving time and money, they are spared the hassle of driving through traffic or missing their connecting bus/ train. During the morning commute, employees have the opportunity to prepare themselves for the day at work. It gives them a chance to rest, check their e-mails, plan their day, and catch up on the latest news. Once they are at work, they will be able to transition to the work mode much faster because of this preparation process.

3. Company shuttle buses limit the use of public transportation.

Health safety concerns make public transit a risky alternative, so employee shuttle buses are its most viable and ecological alternative. As a result, this remains one of the most effective ways to ensure the earth's health and well-being, even in the course of a pandemic.

The carbon footprint of companies can be reduced by having employees travel in one vehicle rather than driving separately with their own cars. Reducing the number of cars your employees take to work will help you reduce toxic greenhouse gases. In fact, corporate bus transportation produces significantly less CO2 than any other form of group transportation.

Hire A Private Corporate Bus Service With 3S Transport

A shuttle bus service allows employees to form ties and network more easily, as well as get to know one another more personally. Nothing brings people together like a bit of casual conversation. New business ideas might also be hatched from those conversations!

It may not be the way you imagined to develop your business, but implementing an employee shuttle service will benefit your bottom line, the environment, and your employees' well-being in the long run.

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