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Why Private Buses are the Most Sustainable Transportation Option | 3S Transport

Why Private Buses are the Most Sustainable Transportation Option

It’s no secret that global warming is slowly chipping away at our precious earth, and its effects can be felt all over the world through environmental phenomena like frequent wildfires, extreme temperatures, and so on. Transportation is a major contributor to global warming, but it’s also something that we can exercise control over to a certain extent. If you’re looking for a better alternative to travel, read on to find out why hiring private buses from a private transport service in Singapore could well be the most sustainable transportation option.

Charter Buses — Lesser of Two Evils

Bus transport Singapore Charter Buses Lesser of Two Evils

Transportation is a necessity in life — it sustains supply chains and ferries us to places we need to travel to. While we can’t live without transportation, we can certainly do our part to mitigate carbon emissions it causes, especially given that transportation is one of the largest contributors to global warming. It is widely known that mass transportation like trains and buses are more environmentally friendly than cars, as more people can be ferried with fewer vehicles. With fewer vehicles on the road in landlocked Singapore, the amount of idle exhaust released into the air decreases as well. Private bus transport in Singapore is great for corporate events, for instance, as it is much more sustainable to transport everyone to the venue all at once, and on time, than have everyone arrive by car. To that end, this is arguably the lesser of two necessary evils.

Newer Buses, Friendlier Engines

Bus transport Singapore Newer Buses Friendlier Engines

One advantage that a bus charter in Singapore has over public buses is that they are used more sparingly, and are therefore newer with generally friendlier engines. While public buses are slowly embracing zero-emission engines, they aren’t necessarily convenient options for private events. On the other hand, a bus charter in Singapore basically does the job of a car, but with the capacity to carry far more passengers. Add a newer and better engine into the mix, and your carbon emissions are further reduced.

That being said, some bus companies in Singapore own ageing bus fleets with old engines that are more damaging to the environment. It’s important to do your own research and look up the age of a fleet on a bus company’s website, and then pick the company with the youngest fleet.

Larger Buses, Smaller Footprints

Bus transport Singapore Larger Buses Smaller Footprints

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A bus company in Singapore has a certain degree of autonomy to dictate the size of their buses (in accordance with traffic laws), and depending on the volume of customers, these companies are able to scale their buses up in size to accommodate more passengers for larger companies with more frequent events. As mentioned earlier, the more passengers a private bus can transport, the lower the carbon emissions.

Here at 3S Transport, we provide a wide range of bus services, from private to corporate. Our fleet of buses are carefully maintained to ensure that they’re not only functional, but that they remain in excellent condition — in line with our dedication towards both our clients and the environment. Through our services, you too can do your part to save our earth without compromising on ease and comfort of transport. For more information on our services, please visit our website.