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The Ideal Occasions To Rent A Shuttle Bus | 3S Transport

The Ideal Occasions To Rent A Shuttle Bus

Are you planning an event? Regardless of the occasion, you will likely require a vehicle to transport all your participants to the event venue. However, coordinating transportation for a group of people can get tricky. The most practical way to resolve this issue is to rent a shuttle bus in Singapore.

The convenience afforded by these bus booking services has made private hire buses a popular option among many Singaporeans. But when should you engage such services? Well, the answer is whenever you need a means of transport!

After all, these vehicles are versatile and allow you to transport a group of people to and from any venue with ease. Let us share several occasions where you can consider renting a shuttle bus to transport everyone in your group.

1. Field Trips

a group of students going on a field trip

Chaperoning a school field trip can be busy work for any teacher since they have to keep a watchful eye on numerous students at once. As a teacher, the last thing you want is for someone to wander off from the group, necessitating a widespread search to locate the missing student.

The best way to ensure the entire group remains together while en route to the destination is to rent a shuttle bus. With the transport taken care of, you can place your attention solely on the students instead of having your focus divided.

2. Corporate events

group of workers attending a corporate event

Whether you are planning a corporate retreat or a team-building exercise, transporting a large group of employees to a locale is no easy feat. And with uncertainty still remaining around the COVID-19 situation in Singapore, the need to minimise the spread of the virus within the workplace continues to be vital.

Having every individual travel independently to the event increases the risk of an employee contracting the virus. This is why it is essential to have a dedicated company bus transport. Such group transportation services remain the safest and most cost-effective way to transport your workers. Once the details of your corporate event are decided, you can inform your corporate bus service of your preferred pick-up location.

3. Weddings

Putting on a wedding ring

Given the number of guests attending a wedding, it can be a real headache to ensure everyone arrives for the reception on time. Various unforeseen circumstances may occur that causes your guests to be late. If you are looking to minimise this possibility from happening, we suggest renting a shuttle bus on your special day.

Another benefit of engaging the services of a private hire bus is that none of your guests will have to assume the role of the designated driver. With a dedicated bus driver to transport your wedding guests to and from your reception, your family and friends can enjoy the night away. This is a sensible decision, especially if your wedding features an open bar.

4. Family outings

Happy Family Enjoying their Family outing

When you are planning a family excursion, ensuring the entire outing goes smoothly is of the utmost importance. And given the numerous activities on your itinerary, securing efficient group transportation should be your number one priority! The precious time you spent waiting for public transport or hiring a private car service may contribute to your family having less time to spend on any given activity.

We advise planning your personalised route to ensure you have sufficient time to visit every spot on your itinerary. Once you have the details finalised, you can hire a mini-shuttle bus before the day of your outing and share your plan with the driver. This way, you need not worry about rushing frantically through every stop to cross everything off your checklist.

Nobody likes being rushed when they are on a trip. No matter the occasion, you would want to relax and enjoy yourself. Renting a shuttle bus can provide you with exactly that! At 3S Transport, we offer a comprehensive selection of private hire buses tailored to every customer’s needs. Do not hesitate to contact us to enquire about our vehicles’ availability today.