Why Charter Buses are the Perfect Choice of Transport for Millennials | 3S Transport
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Why Charter Buses are the Perfect Choice of Transport for Millennials | 3S Transport

Why Charter Buses are the Perfect Choice of Transport for Millennials

Move over, private cars — bus rental in Singapore could be a better way to travel for millennials. It might not seem like a natural fit at first sight, but as we explore the ways charter buses are suited to the needs and concerns of younger people, it starts to make sense. How exactly are charter buses an ideal choice of transport for millennials, then? Let’s take a look at some key considerations as we connect the dots.


Bus charter Singapore Flexibility

One of the biggest benefits of bus charter in Singapore is its flexibility in terms of times, dates, directions, and stops. For millennials, going with the ebb and flow of things is generally more appealing than sticking to a rigid itinerary. This allows them more breathing room to change plans along the way, which is something other modes of commercial transportation won’t be able to offer. That being said, the amount of flexibility varies with each bus company. 3S Transport, for instance, lets customers fully customise their itineraries according to what suits them best.


 Bus charter Singapore Cost-friendliness

The cost of living is increasing all over the world, and that is a pertinent issue amongst millennials and other young people. This is also why good deals are always enticing towards that demographic. Instead of paying hefty sums of money for private cars, you can pool your money with other passengers to get a private hire bus in Singapore; the more people you have on board, the less each person has to pay. Millennials typically enjoy travelling together in bigger groups, making charter buses a great cost-effective option for them.


 Bus charter Singapore Eco-friendliness

Millennials and younger people are more invested in social issues like environmentalism; this is mostly because they’re the ones feeling the effects of years of damage to the earth by their predecessors. Buses are a great way to reduce carbon footprint, as it seats way more people than private cars whilst producing roughly the same amount of exhaust. Millennials will appreciate the fact that they’re able to actually take steps to contribute to the cause that many of them champion by using a bus rental in Singapore. What’s more — here at 3S Transport, our fleet of buses are consistently renewed, and with newer buses comes reduced petrol consumption. 

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Opportunities to Socialise

Bus charter Singapore Opportunities to Socialise

Millennials aren’t shy when it comes to making friends with total strangers when given the opportunity to, and being with other passengers on a bus charter in Singapore gives them plenty of opportunities to mingle around and socialise with each other. Instead of staying glued to their phones, they can instead form new and unexpected friendships and make new memories during their travels. This makes the trip more memorable and enjoyable, and caters to the millennial’s desire for new experiences outside their comfort zone. 

Travelling by private bus might not be the first thing that comes to mind for many people, but with all things considered, it could actually prove to be a great way to travel whilst saving money, the environment, and creating exciting memories and experiences. Let 3S Transport take care of your transportation needs today — check out our website to find out more about our services.